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Sunday, May 10, 2015

"Talking is Hard" Cupcakes

I had the urge to bake at around 8 in the evening and as an adult, I decided to embrace this completely. I ran out to the store to grab a few things I didn't have on hand and got started.

I wasn't exactly sure that theme I wanted for decorating. Finally I decided to mimic the colors of Walk the Moon's most recent album, Talking is Hard. Why? Because I saw them this Thursday (for the fourth time) and already miss them! PLUS I love the colors a lot (it matches my car!)

The whole band is sweet as cupcakes, so I thought: might as well make it literal!

All I really did here (I used the same recipe as I have in previous blog posts) was put the batter in black, black with white polka dot and some really cool silver cupcake holders and dyed some of my white frosting yellow - and there you go! Baking is isn't hard!

The finished product:

If you haven't already listened to this band, I highly recommend checking them out! All of their music is killer and they put on a damn good show. I've gone to see them live four times now and they make it feel like the first time every time. Not only are their vocals and musicality completely on point (something you sometimes don't find when recording artists preform live) but so is their energy level.

Here are a few shots from the concert I went to on Thursday at the Rilato Theater (plus after the show my roommate and I finally met Nick!) Since we met Eli last time, we have finally met half the band. Maybe another four shows and we'll meet everyone else!

What album cover do you think would also make good cupcakes, theme wise? I wish I had some black icing to write the words "Talking is Hard" on this - something I'll have to do another time, maybe!

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