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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ikea Haul

I experienced Ikea for the first time - and it was absolutely magical.

When I drove down to Tempe for the Scott Westerfeld signing, I stopped at the only Ikea in Arizona on the way. I have been wanting to go for ages, mostly due to how many YouTubers' vlogs from inside and video hauls that I've seen. I didn't have nearly a big enough budget to get those big ticket items that I surely wanted - and will put on a wish list for future reference - but I was surprised at just how many little decor pieces I was able to snag and come in much more under budget than I planned.

So I now present to you my very own Ikea haul blog post.

A small vase and flower (75 cents and a dollar!)
Decorative pillow that should go with my new bedding.
Heart shaped ice cube tray.

I've been wanting a glass, clear tea/coffee cup for ages. I found the one with little flowers on it first, then
 this plain one like I originally wanted.

Three floral tin containers. I was thinking of using these for tea.

Two floral place mats, which I'm thinking of putting on my beside table.

This totally cute floral (sense a pattern?) tray.

Floral tea steepers that float on the top of the water. 

And there you have it. I had such a nice time in Ikea. I would have loved running around the store with another person, but I do like shopping by myself. You get to walk slow, linger at the places you want without feeling pressured to move on and be alone with your thoughts. It is nice to talk about if you should buy something with someone there, but it was really nice to walk through the showroom by myself and then go downstairs to pick everything out. And to think, I almost didn't grab a cart!

That's it for this post. Also check out the "micro blog post" I just made about what new single I'm listening to (and let me know if that's a good idea: a small little post that doesn't take much thought or planning, like what music I'm listening to or a YouTube video or something of that sort).

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  1. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO AN IKEA BEFORE. I hope your life has been changed.

  2. I hadn't! I mean there is only the one in all of Arizona and I've never really lived near it (except when I was like 12 or something) so it would mean a drive to get there.

    But yes. I have been changed forever. <3