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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Summer Netflix Binge List

Summer is here, which for many means much more time to do the important things in life: like watching endless hours of content on Netflix. So here are twelve movies and twelve TV shows to watch this summer - if you haven't already seen them all. And if you have, well, rewatches are fun, too! I've watched all of these and love them for so many different reasons. A few are on my summer "rewatch" list already!


Movies are great if you don't want to commit to starting a whole new show. It's easier to throw on a movie with friends than a TV show that not everyone has seen, too.

  1. The Way He Looks: This is a Portuguese movie with subtitles and is based on a short movie that was originally on YouTube, I believe. Definitely gives off a summer vibe, showing the coming of age romance of two boys. 
  2. Deep Impact: This is an oldie. You should probably just watch this disaster flick because young Elijah Wood is in it, tbh. 
  3. Timeline: Based on a book, it's a thrill ride with time travel and an intricate plot that took me a few watches to really pick up all the ins and outs. 
  4. Hot and Fluffy: Okay, this isn't quite a movie. It's Gabriel Iglesias' stand up and it's absolutely hilarious. 
  5. Atlantis: The Last Empire: One of my favorite, sometimes unappreciated, Disney movies. The animation and plot are so spot on. 
  6. National Treasure: Haha, laugh all you want. I can't count the amount of times I've seen this one. 
  7. Struck by Lightning: If you ever felt out of place in high school (which was everyone, let's be real here) you'll love this realistic, often heart-wrenching, take on "that teen movie." 
  8. Holes: Hands down one of my favorite movies ever. 
  9. 50 First Dates: You know, before the Adam Sandler movies started to get too ridiculous. 
  10. The Road to El Dorado: Again, one of those animated movies that doesn't get as much love, but is a fantastic good time. 
  11. Legally Blonde: Funny, empowering, adorable - what more can you ask for? 
  12. Treasure Planet: We have a theme aka, those Disney movies that aren't traditionally on people's "favorite" lists, but that I love to death. 

TV Shows

When you finish marathoning a TV show, there is this empty feeling inside that can only be filled by, of course, starting another TV show. So here are a few that you can add to your list. For this list, I'll also add the difficulty level for these shows (beginner: 1 season, intermediate: 2, advanced: 3-4 and finally, expert: 5+). 
  1. The Walking Dead: Believe me, you'll get used to the gross factor real quick. With the spin off starting later this summer, it's the perfect time to dive into the wild ride that is TWD. Word of advice: Don't get overly attached to anyone. Like. Anyone. Difficulty: Advanced. 
  2. Z Nation: Another zombie show, yet totally different. This is a sci fi show that has, at times, adorable graphics. It's campy, with much more humor than other zombie shows/movies. Difficulty: Beginner.  
  3. Psych: This is a modern day Sherlock Holmes. Shawn has a photographic memory and convinces the Santa Barbra police that he's a psychic so he can help solve crimes. Difficulty: Expert. 
  4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Okay like, you've probably watched this. If you haven't literally what are you doing. Go. Go now! (Okay, finish reading this post first.) Difficulty: Beginner. 
  5. Glee: There are some mixed reviews on this show. Obviously the quality is subjective, but in the end, if you like musicals and don't take yourself to seriously, it can be a good time. Difficulty: Expert. 
  6. Revolution: I'm still in the process of watching this one, actually. The first season was amazing, while the second is dragging a little for me. However the first season was so good I'm still throwing it on the list. Billy Burke makes it for me. Difficulty: Intermediate. 
  7. Daredevil: This is another one of those shows I'm sure everyone has watched or at least heard of by now. If you haven't given into the hype, you shouldDifficulty: Beginner. 
  8. White Collar: Okay like, who cares if this is a really well written show about an ex con man as long as Matt Bomer is the one playing that ex con man. Difficulty: Expert. 
  9. Arrow: Hot guy becomes a superhero. Yes, we've seen it a million times, but it doesn't become any less beautiful or entertaining. I would also be recommending The Flash if it was on Netflix yet! Difficulty: Intermediate. 
  10. Once Upon a Time: The unique spins this show offers on the traditional fairy tales we all know will keep you watching this show so long, Netflix will probably ask you if you're still alive. Difficulty: Advanced. 
  11. Doctor Who: Okay do I really have to explain this one? With this time and space traveling show, you get a little bit of every genre. Difficulty: Expert (and if you watch the original as well, you are a Jedi Master level binge watcher). 
  12. Broadchurch: If you like your crime dramas, but with a bit more plot, this is for you. Difficulty: Beginning. 

I hope your summer is full of lots of fun things: including things besides Netflix, I guess. And if you have any other suggestions for movies or TV shows to watch on Netflix, leave a comment below!

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