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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Top 8 Youtube Channels

I'm actually taking this idea from my roommate Mia, who made a post about her top 5 favorite "Beauty" YouTube Channels on her blog. I'm cutting out the "beauty" part, though many of these YouTubers are beauty, they also fall under other categories. Now, in no particular order, with one of my favorite videos from their channels:

heyclaire | Claire Marshall 

I just recently started watching Claire, based on a combination of Izzy and Mia's recommendation, and let's just say I've watched most of her channel in the last few weeks. She currently lives in LA, is a freelance makeup artist and makes beauty videos, hauls and vlogs on her channel. She has a dry sense of humor, an addiction to coffee that I envy (no seriously, I wish I could have caffeine), kickass (beautiful) tattoos, and is a very strong woman. All of these mean that I love to watch all her videos - even the "boring" vlogs, as she says. If you check her out, get ready for a lot of car vlogging.

Oh also she has an adorable cat named Bruce Lee. Seriously, give me a YouTuber with an animal and I'm sold.

zoella | Zoe Sugg

Zoe's main channel has beauty, fashion, home and I would say "advice" content. She's one of those adorable and beautiful British YouTubers that if I watch enough of, my thoughts tend to have a British accent. Zoe is funny, yes, and an amazing person to watch for makeup tutorials, but she's also so down to earth and kind. She's had anxiety for a good portion of her life and likes to give advice on how to deal with that sort of thing. She has such a good head on her shoulders and I'm so glad so many little girls have her to look up to - with her confidence and lack thereof, which she admits to having like anyone else and general drive to get thing things she wants to done. Also, I wish I had half of her homeware and decor from her apartment. Let's go shopping sometime?

She also has a separate vlog channel which I was sucked into this summer. I probably watched every single video, I'm not going to lie. You just see how funny and silly Zoe is here, along with her adorable guinea pigs.

Tyler Oakley 

What can I say about Tyler Oakley? I relate to him on a spiritual level. Tyler is a fangirl, plain and simple, and it's so nice to watch and relate to him. It's also amazing to see just how far a YouTuber can go - as Tyler has achieved so much. He's worked closely with the Trevor Project, done interviews with MTV - you name it. Oh, and just so happened to have both Darren Criss (jealous!) and Michelle Obama (more jealous!) on his channel in a two week time period. No big deal. As Darren said in this following video, "he's killing it!" Basically, I'd love to have Tyler as a best friend.

velvetgh0st | Gabriella 

I found Gabriella through Zoe's channel when I saw her in vlogs as well as a homeware haul. And let me tell you, I love a good homeware haul. So I quickly watched all of her hauls on her own channel and went from there. She has amazing taste in decor and clothing and I loved seeing how she moved in and decorated her new apartment. Besides that, she has some amazing makeup tutorials!

And here is her vlog channeling - I loved her "moving out" series where she just vlogs about moving out of her home and into her new apartment (as I said). The thing with vlogs is that sometimes it's just boring things we all do, but somehow it's just calming and entertaining to watch others do it. I particularly like waking up in the morning and having new vlogs to watch of Gab and Zoe as I eat breakfast and have morning coffee.

Rachel Whitehurst 

Now this is, quite frankly, a fierce bitch right here. Rachel is so headstrong and has a take no prisoners attitude. She does fantastic makeup tutorials and you know you can trust her opinion when she reviews a product (Wet Brush anyone?). Besides that she also has a freaking adorable cat named Squeezie (read: squeaking squdorable squat Squeezie) and I sort of live for photos and video of him. She's a borderline plus size YouTuber and I really admire her confidence - though like all of us it's taken a lot for her to get there. One of my favorites is her video in response to one of Alex Day's about fat girls in costumes - and it's just great. I also love seeing her Hits and Shits (aka the usual YouTube "Monthly Favorites" video), which you can see below.


Alex should have way more subscribers than she does. I love having a confident woman who is just trying to learn to be more confident in this crazy world doing beauty and fashion videos. She's a plus size YouTuber and I just love her style so much. She just always looks so beautiful and I'm still working my way through watching past videos on her channel.

Hannah Rupp

Once again, another YouTuber that is pretty "unknown" you could say. She's a Thrifter, which you don't see too often with the "bigger" YouTubers, meaning she goes to a bunch of thrift stores to get more bang for her buck. I love watching her haul videos to see all the funny things you expect to see at a thrift store. I just wish I had the same ability to find as many cute clothes that she has found at thrift stores - it would save me a bunch of money! Plus she has that adorable, corny humor that I love.


This isn't your usual vlogger/YouTuber per se. This is an ASMR channel (ASMR: Autonomous sensory meridian response; read more about it here) which basically means relaxation videos. I often listen to them as I'm falling asleep, to block out other noise and to get my brain to quiet down. On her channel she has videos of her reading, or guided relaxation videos to lead you to sleep. She has a calming voice that is just perfect for relaxation and I love most of her videos.

And with that, there are my top 8 YouTube channels. I really wanted to narrow it down so I wasn't here all day. There are others that I watch on a semi-regular basis, but these are the ones I try to view daily and keep up to date with. I recommend that you check them out and, if you like what you see, subscribe! And leave a kind message, because I can only assume how much negative ones they see day to day. 

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  1. I watch and love the first 4 you mentioned, and I'll have to check out the other 4! Great picks! :)

    1. Let me know what you think of them! I hope you find a new favorite. :) I love discovering new YouTube channels to watch.

  2. Most of these names are new to me, except mine, of course. lol I'm kinda blown away to be in a round-up with Tyler Oakley. He's basically on top of the YouTube and I'm like on the very, very bottom of it.

    Thanks for including me, Rose! It's always crazy to me when somebody acknowledges my existence! Good luck with thrifting out there. :)