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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bedside Table Decor

My mom got this dresser from a yard sale for a whole $5 a few months ago. She first told me about it over the phone and I decided I didn't want it, because she mentioned the drawers were shallow and let's just say that I have a lot of clothes and it just wouldn't have worked. Then when I visited her I saw it and fell in love. I had her bring it down to my house the next time she visited me and now I use it as my bedside table.

It has a very retro vibe to it. I'm still looking out for better knobs for the drawers themselves, maybe a nice blue or yellow to bring some color to the piece, but I just love it so much. It's long, has a good amount of storage space for my non-clothing items, and of course, is so cute. I've been wanting to get a table runner for it, just to make it pop more, but I found this wrapping paper today at Target and thought it might be a good substitute to your usual fabric runner.

It was $1 and isn't as wide as your usual wrapping paper (it was from the beautiful, addicting, $1-$3 section of Target) and is a beige and white polka dot print. They had some others - this very cute beige and blue pattern that I almost got as well, but I limited myself to one for now.

I laid it down on the top of the dresser and taped it down on the sides. So far, I love it. I might still look for a fabric table runner, like I originally wanted, but if the paper can hold up I might just leave it how it is.

Finally, I had been waiting to really decorate my beside table until I had a table runner. Until now I had sort of just thrown things on top of it - but I cleared it off and put things how I wanted them (or at least, how I think I want it now! It could always change).

First two items: this beautiful white ampersand (vocabulary lesson! that's an "and" symbol) from Ross and a beach chair photo frame from Bed Bath and Beyond. Fittingly enough, I put a photo from the beach into the photo frame.

The original photo at the beach in California with my girls: Liz, Katie, Marissa, Mia, Izzy and Maddie.

Moving along, I have this adorable dog ceramic that I just bought today at Michael's. Originally $20, it was 70% off so I got it for a steal. I've been wanting a little dog statue like this for ages. Dogs are my aesthetic.

I have a candle (which I featured in my Autumn Tag post) in its make shift candle holder. I found that the other candle I got over flowed a lot when it was burned, so I decided to put it in this large jar for now.

Of course I have my lamp (dollar store chic!) and the last touch is a "coffee table" book. I love Lea Michele's "Brunette Ambition" so much, and thought it would look cuter on display like this than on my bookshelf.

That's it for now. I like the way the items are arranged, but if you have any suggestions that you think might make it look better, let me know in the comments.

Until next time,


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