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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rifle Paper Co. Haul

When I saw this Rifle Paper Co. phone case at work (Barnes & Nobles) a few months ago I fell in love with it. (It's called the Rosa.)

The roses, the colors, the gold - all of it was just perfect.

Since I can get my employee discount, I wanted to buy it right then and there, but I didn't really have spare money at the moment, so I told myself one day.

Days kept going by and I just didn't have the spare money to splurge still.

Barnes & Nobles has more Rifle Paper Co. products, such as another adorable "Hello!" Phone case, note pads and this beautiful "Hello Sunshine!" print. And oh did I want them all. If I had it my way, I would have owned these months ago, but I waited.

It seems that waiting paid off, because we started putting together clearance items about a month or so go. Our handheld devices (called PDTs) that sort books and other products give off a certain beep to let you know that you need to put it in the clearance bins. Basically, we're making room for all the product we're going to be getting for the holidays.

A cute Rifle Paper Co. recipe box (we had two in the store) was put in the bins and gone on the first day, when the discount was 50%. I wanted one, but I was not fast enough. Then I thought: huh, maybe the phone case I want is on sale, too.

And it was.

So I scanned the phone cases and discovered this and just, you know, decided not to throw them into the clearance bins. I just knew they would be bought in a second and I was still hurting for money so I just kept them where they were, sort of hidden.

I waited for the discount to keep dropping. 50%. 75%. Then finally, the day had come: everything was only $2. I also discovered another surprise: the print I had also been wanting had gone on clearance as well, so the several copies we had were just sitting there in the bin. I snatched one up and went to go make my purchases! 

So now I have both phone cases and the beautiful wall print, each for just $2. The whole purchase came out to almost $7 with tax and I just walked away from the registers with the biggest smile. I love Rifle Paper Co. so much - I visited their website to see more of their products and was just drooling the whole time. If I had more money, I'd buy one of everything.

The phone case itself (I put "Rosa" on my phone first, of course) fits perfectly and feels very sturdy. It's the Inlay case and offers a lot of protection for your phone.

If you come across anything from the Rifle Paper Co., I'd jump on buying it! I'm glad I waited and was able to score a great deal, but they really do have such beautiful designs. I'm tempted to get a calendar from their website for 2015. Their style is right up my alley: bright colors, lots of florals, and very, very cute.

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  1. Rifle Paper Co. has been my favourite stationery company for a few years now, everything they release is so cute and lovely. I especially love the gold accents on many of their items! I got that 'Hello' phone case last year sometime at Chapters (basically the Canadian Barnes & Noble) on clearance for $12 and I thought /that/ was an amazing deal, but the prices you got those for is incredible!!

  2. Oh yeah, I remember the picture you took of it! I wanted it even then, actually, but yeah even at $12 that's a great deal. I'm just so glad my waiting paid off! :)