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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lost in a Bookstore

Yesterday I ran a few errands: I had a few boxes in my car that I've been wanting to take to Goodwill, plus clothes to take to Plato's Closet and finally, a box full of books that I wanted to take to Bookman's.

If you're not in the state of Arizona, you probably won't know what Bookman's is. Basically it's a chain of used bookstores here in the state (they also sell music, records, DVDs and more) that you can take your books to and either get cash or store credit. You will definitely always get more for store credit, however.

So I dropped off my box of books - they said it would take about 15 minutes to look through them and decide if they wanted anything - and started to look around. So you may know I work in a bookstore (Barnes & Noble), but it's still amazing to me how lost I can get in them. I wanted to look at everything, as well as try to get some things I've been wanting for a while.

Something that used bookstores have that Barnes & Nobles don't is books with a story: they aren't straight from a warehouse, they've had owners before. I like to see those stories, collected under one roof.

First I found these cute notebooks that had the covers from old Harlequin books on them. I ended up buying a smaller version.

I love going through the kid's section of bookstores - I'm always on the look out for UK editions of Harry Potter, which you can sometimes find at Bookman's - but I also just love running into old favorites.

Like I said, the store has a little bit of everything.

In the end they wanted about half of the box I brought in, meaning I got $50 in store credit. I already had $11 from a previous donation so I was able to get myself a few things this trip and have $30 left over. 


Of them I got "Falling Skies" Season 1 for my mom's birthday on Friday, plus that notebook and two books:

I found this randomly and judged a book my its cover and title. It sounded great!  
This is actually one of my all time favorites. I had give my copy to someone and have been needing another for myself. 

So concluded my trip. I'll have to go to a different location with my store credit to see if they had any of the books I was looking for but couldn't find. 

Until next time, 


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