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Monday, September 15, 2014

Apple Store + Window Shopping

So I had to go to the Apple Store at La Encantada today - which is basically an upscale shopping center here in Tucson - because my phone was having some problems. Thankfully it's nothing serious - probably just my charging equipment - so after charging my phone a bit at the Apple store I decided to stop by a few places in the shopping center. Because why not.

First off: Crate & Barrel. I love this store, though I haven't gotten to buy too much from due to the prices. Everywhere you look is absolutely beautiful, so I decided to torture myself a little and look around. Plus I got 75 Shopkick points. Score.

So here are some of the photos of the items I really liked seeing today:

I want a couch like this so badly in the future!

Wall of throw pillows! I'm obsessed. 
After Crate & Barrel I walked over to AJ's because I'm ridiculous. I knew I didn't need to buy anything, but I just love it in there. I thought at the very least I'd grab my favorite lemonade that I can only get there and one other place. I usually get the pizza by the slice because it's so good, but I had pizza the other day and wasn't feeling it. Then I saw some delicious looking California rolls (a new thing I just started to like) and then went over to the bakery and saw they had a package of 6 macarons for a killer price. Well, at least this impulse lunch purchase was worth it.

Well, that's all for today's exciting day off. 

Until next time - 
Thoughts on this as a way to "sign off" on blogs? I didn't really like any other font enough.

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