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22. Tucson. University of Arizona 2014 graduate. I like to read, write, and obsess over television shows and music, which you'll find a bit of here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

An Introduction to Me and This Blog

Well this is certainly going to be an interesting experiment. In the past when I've tried to do "actual blogging" and not Tumblr micro-blogging, it's sort of failed. But last night I was thinking a bit about wanting to review an album that was just released and I thought that this - based on my friend Izzy's use of it - would be the best platform. (Her blog is here, if you want to check it out.)

So to start off, a bit about me:

My name is Rose. I'm 22 and from Tucson, Arizona. When I say "from" I mean I currently live here and I happened to have been born here. I've moved around a lot in my life so I don't know if I'm "from" anywhere. I moved from here in Tucson when I was only around a year old to North Carolina, where I lived until the end of first grade. Then I came back to Arizona, but to the Mesa area - then I moved house around there several times until my mom moved us up to Northern Arizona, in a small little town called Cottonwood. (Yes, it's okay if you haven't heard of it.) All and all, I went to a total of eight schools from Pre-K until finally High School. I came to Tucson for my last two years of school at the University of Arizona. I just graduated in May and I'm just trying to figure out the whole "career" and "adult" thing now.

I have a Bachelor's degree in both English and Creative Writing. That's obviously the thing I love most - reading and writing. I might put some of that here, but I'm not sure. I love television, movies, books, and music (like most people my age) so for now I'm going to focus a bit on reviewing certain things in those areas. I'll also do personal posts, if I end up doing anything super interesting.

I'm going to now take a page out of Izzy's book and leave you with the song that is currently my everything: Centuries by Fall Out Boy.

Enjoy and I hope you continue with me on this little experiment!

Until next time, Rose


  1. TWO IZZY REFERENCES. HOW WONDERFUL. I am so excited about this. MWAH.