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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Instagram Snapshot

I must admit, I am completely borrowing this little idea from Lauren over at lipstick + lacquer. She recently made a post that sort of "sums up" her Instagram posting for the last few weeks and I thought it was such a clever, simple idea for a blog post. Definitely check both her blog and instagram out because her photos are always drool worthy and beautiful!

I bought a new "table runner" for my bedside table (the pink + white) and was emptying out my "night on the town" purse when I thought a little photo with the theme of pink would be a good idea. The lipstick is Mac's "Chatterbox" by the way. 

I finally was able to buy my first Fall Out Boy vinyl at work the other day. This is my first time playing it.

I was so thrilled when I found out Jane Lynch was going to be in Tucson doing a show. Not only is her voice beautiful, but my face hurt from laughing so much. 

Revlon's Wild Card - I'm not usually one for dark blues like this, but I do really like the way it looks so far!

Taking pictures of this fat cat is a hobby of mine. Oh, Miss Elphaba.

I absolutely love my planner and I don't know how I would keep things straight without it. Plus the art inside it is to die for.

This notepad is another Katie Daisy piece. This was a productive work day locked in Starbucks.

It was a lot of fun to go to the University campus to have lunch with my roommate. I've barely been there since I graduated in May. 

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  1. Aww, thanks for the love ;D! So cool that you got to see Jane Lynch! Also, that FOB vinyl is sooo nice looking! I love that you have the MAC lipstick in Chatterbox too - so fitting!

    lauren / lipstick & lacquer