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Monday, February 23, 2015

"Klaine" Cupcakes

Oh yes, I'm going there.

If you are a fan of the TV show "Glee," you know there were two very beautiful weddings on Friday. Since I've loved Kurt and Blaine since they were introduced, I wanted to make a little treat for the occasion. I would have made these for Friday if I hadn't been at a hotel, so they came a bit late for the big "Klaine" wedding on Friday.

For the cupcakes, I decided to go with the red and yellow roses theme that spans throughout the Kurt and Blaine relationship.

First thing is first: I used my chocolate coffee cupcake recipe for these, because if anything says "Klaine," it's a cup of coffee.

New York + Klaine please.
What I thought would really make this cupcake special where the flowers, so my roommate Marissa and I bought chocolate molds from Michael's in the shape of roses, along with yellow and red chocolate melts. This was all very simple - you just melt the candies in the microwave, put in a pipping bag and then put the molds in the fridge for around 15 minutes - and are they delicious! Some roses never made it to the cupcakes. (Our first attempt was very messy, so it does take a bit of practice).

Along with the red and yellow roses theme, we already had yellow, purple and teal cupcake liners in the kitchen - which fits perfectly with the color coordination that the pair favor in very significant scenes.

Next up, the obvious: make the cupcake batter (with the recipe linked above) and fill the cupcake pan with appropriately colored liners.


After the cupcakes cooled, it was time for the fun part - decorating! I just used a plain white frosting (cream cheese - yum!) and then placed the roses on the cupcakes. We sort of experimented here: some only had one, others two.

The result: beautiful and colorful cupcakes! The chocolate roses are an extra - delicious - treat!

I feel you could adapt this recipe for your own use in many ways. It be perfect for a Spring themed party or treat. There are so many different color candy melts: pink, blue, green, yellow - all of which would bring some color into the next few months. And I know, florals? For spring? Groundbreaking. But it works. 

If you decide to do any spin off of this - or explore other chocolate molds - do feel free to share them with me! Enjoy!

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  1. These cupcakes are so cute!! I haven't baked cupcakes in so long and this really makes me want to!

    lauren / lipstick & lacquer