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Monday, December 1, 2014

Black Friday Haul

If you can really call it a "haul" - I only went to two places on Black Friday weekend, since I was busy working at both of my jobs to do much serious shopping. I didn't really have the money to be doing that anyway, but I was happy with the deals and sales I was able to get anyway.

On Friday, during my lunch break at Barnes & Noble, I hurried over to Bath and Body Works in the mall to hit their "Buy 3 get 3 Free" off EVERYTHING in the store.

The first thing I grabbed was one of my favorite candles - "Black Tie." 

This year it has a different, beautiful packaging that makes me so happy. It's sort of a silver and black, almost "frosty window" look to it. The scent, if you haven't smelled it, can only be described as "boy" - or rather, a sort of light cologne smell that burns wonderfully.

Next up is probably my favorite item in Bath and Body Works - and what I use every single day - the shower gels! I usually have a huge stock pile of these babies, but they had dwindled a few months ago and I usually stock up during their semi-annual sales when they are only $5 (or less!). This sale was definitely good for stocking up and will hold me over until their semi-annual around the first of the year. 

I got four shower gels. Two that are more festive: A Thousand Wishes and Sugar Plum Dream, then two that are signatures: Cashmere Glow (my absolute favorite) and French Lavender Honey. 

Finally to wrap up my purchases, I got a hand soap. Mia, Marissa and I love having soaps from Bath and Body Works both in our shared bathroom and the kitchen. This one is now in our kitchen because it would be a little....distracting if it was in the bathroom. Because this just isn't a regular hand soap - it lights up and makes noise. It's so cute and so festive and I really like the smell of Winter Candy Apple.

The only other place I went on Saturday was into Ulta after work. They had buy 1 get 1 free on OGX products - which I found I really love. I wanted to get a shampoo and conditioner of Coconut Milk, but unfortunately they only had the latter in stock. Instead I restocked my Kukui Oil curl cream (which I previously did a review on here).

I decided to grab a NYX lipstick, though they didn't have any of the matte colors that I wanted, so I decided to try out one of their regular lipsticks in "Electra," which is really pretty (ignore my chipped nail polish). 

And that just about wraps up this haul post. I hope everyone found the deals they wanted on Black Friday, stayed home on Thanksgiving to spend time with your family instead of going out shopping, and were kind to all the employees you encountered!

Until next time,