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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Gift Guide

Are you at a loss for what to buy people for the upcoming holiday? For me, I love to search for the perfect gift. There is nothing better than thinking about a friend or family member and racking your brain for what they might like and then suddenly stumble across the perfect gift. I've been seeing a lot of websites and magazines have "gift guides" for the holiday and wanted to create my own as well.

Most of these are inexpensive items though there are a few that are over $20 just because they were so cute I couldn't help but include them. A lot of these are just suggestions and might lead you to a gift that you hadn't yet thought about for someone in your life. I've included all the links under the photos so if you find something you just have to have - either for yourself or as a gift for someone - you can easily buy it!

I've separated the gifts in four different categories that I hope you like! This doesn't cover every person on your list, but it might give you some ideas!

"Trendy" gifts

By trendy, I sort of mean those, well, trends you see a lot of. Right now I feel like those are copper and gold accents and marble. I know I can't walk five steps in say a TJ Maxx without seeing something copper or a marble finish. Then there are all the other big things you see in every beauty guru's home for example, like delicate ring holders, ornate picture frames and candles.

Ring Tray
Copper Mugs
Candle Holder
Pineapple Pillow
Jewel Photo Frame
Phone Case
Makeup bag
Photo Frame
Marble Candle
Tea light holder

"Silly" gifts

Everyone can appreciate a good funny, slightly useless, gift. Rue21 has a lot of that type of thing, especially if you know someone who loves emojis. Seriously, there are stickers and magnets as well as this pillow I found, which would be great for stocking stuffers. The following are things that made me laugh and could really be given to anyone if you just want something light.

For the coffee lover

Self explanatory. If you know someone who loves coffee - or tea - to an extreme, a sort of lazy gift is a new coffee mug. At the same time, you can turn this "lazy" gift into something special by finding a fun coffee mug to fit their personality. There are a ton of coffee themed PJ's and shirts - especially from Forever21 - if you're looking for more things like this.

For the book lover

My suggestion is to never try to actually buy a book for someone unless they have specifically told you what they want, or unless you know their personal book collection well. You don't want to give them something they already have with no way to return it, so there are a few other choices for the book lover in your life. You could get them a gift card, but sometimes that's a little impersonal, so you could always throw in a few extras. Book lovers often love journals and writing, so that's a safe bet. Book ends are cute, fun and useful that add style to a room.  Wall art is fun too, with a nice quote to go near their bookshelf.

Sticky note planner
Gold Candle
Quote wall art
Ampersand bookends
Photo album
Books I haven't Read bookend
Kate Spade notebook 

I hope you got some ideas and are getting excited for the holidays! I bought a few of the things above for myself and some family members and hope it inspired you as well.

Until next time,


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